Remix: aTRACKt

Remix: aTRACKt is a simple little addon with a simple little purpose: moving the default quest tracker to where you want it!

Movement is done via self-explanatory slash commands:

/atr unlock
/atr lock
/atr reset

Size : 0.002 Kb
Type : zip

Remix: ButtonFacade

Remix: ButtonFacade is my own personal set of skins for StormFX's ButtonFacade addon!

Included are two different skins: "Aloof" and "Embossy". Aloof is a raised-bevel skin with a glassy gloss texture and an indented on-press texture (so it looks like it's actually being pressed!). Embossy is an embossed-edge skin that gives the impression that your buttons are raised from the surrounding area. Both skins are able to be fully colourized using the ButtonFacade colour options, and include nice glow effects on mouse-over!

Size : 0.014 Kb
Type : zip

Remix: RantTooltip

Remix: RantTooltip is a tooltip addon that is reminiscent in style of the old TipTac design formerly used in REMIX, remade using the RantTooltip framework.  RantTooltip_Remix also includes a simple configuration utility that allows for easy tooltip placement without having to hard-code it manually in Lua.


Remix: TinyFocusMover

Remix: TinyFocusMover is another simple little addon that does one simple thing: lets you move the stock Focus frame to wherever you want!

Movement is done via self-explanatory slash commands:
/tfm unlock
/tfm lock


Size : 0.003 Kb
Type : zip

Remix: YARA (Yet Another Rune Addon)

Remix: YARA is a lightweight rune (and runic power) display addon designed to take up little screen space while displaying your rune cooldowns in a communicative and easy-to-use method.


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